Friday Faves: End of June

It’s hard to believe it’s the last Friday in June! Now that we’re halfway through the year, I’ll probably write a “progress report” on my 2016 goals in the next week or two. It’ll be good to revisit the list and see where I need to pick up the pace and where I’m on track. In the meantime, enjoy my favorites from life and around the web this week:

Front porch transformation. I’ve been working on a little project the last couple months to freshen up our front porch’s appearance, and while I still have a few tweaks to make here and there, I’m pretty pleased with the final product! I’ve linked to the items below the pic in case you’re interested.


From left to right: “H” sign (made by a friend – “H” was from Hobby Lobby and painted white) | Garden stool | Ceramic plant pot | Wreath | Door color | Welcome mat | Topiary | Bench | Throw pillows | Dog not included. :p

Woman confronts football coach 18 years after alleged gang rape. This is our current Nebraska football coach. It says a lot that he was willing to meet with her and have her speak to the team. Big kudos to her for being so brave in sharing her story.

My friend Meghan’s Cream Cheese Chicken Flautas with Jalapeno Jelly. These look even better than the Chevy’s version that I love to devour. *drool*

Chicken Flautas(Source)

Emily Ley’s Big Kid Books. I have yet to purchase one of these, but I’ve been looking for a solution to document Nora’s toddler years and beyond with more than just a printed photo album book. These look like awesome options to keep the memories for years 2 to 6.

Yep. I’ve used many a baby wipe to clean so very many things. We’ll leave it at that.20160616_042001000_iOS

We picked up this butter a few weeks ago at Sam’s Club. The company only goes there every three months or so to sell their product. In the last few years I stopped being afraid of butter. A little bit of real butter is way better than any of the hydrogenated fake stuff out there. I love these because their additions to the butter are all-natural and simple – no artificial flavors or extra preservatives. The garlic butter is super tasty on bread (obviously) but also on steamed vegetables, potatoes, etc. We love the Honey Butter on toast, oatmeal, and in coffee (!). Have you heard about the butter in coffee trend?

New jewelry from a friend’s Premier Designs Jewelry party. I was in desperate need of some new accessories, and I’m pretty excited to start pairing these with summer outfits. I love how versatile their jewelry is (reversible, double up the chain to shorten a long necklace, remove a chain, layer the necklaces, wrap a necklace a bunch of times to create a bracelet, etc.).


The announcement of a new donut shop in Lincoln. Hurts Donuts finally revealed the location of their new shop opening on Monday. Their creations look insane in the most amazing way. Definitely putting this on the list to check out ASAP.

Hurts Donuts

Happy Friday! Let me know what you’re enjoying this week!

Molly Hofker

Molly Hofker