May Favorites

Well, the second half of May got away from me, and I failed to meet my goal of posting twice a week. I hate making excuses, but I will say that illnesses, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, trips, and graduation parties made for a rather hectic month that left my creative brain in a tailspin with not enough time to compose quality material. I’m still getting used to knocking out posts in a timely manner because the perfectionist in me needs everything to be just so, proofreading a million times over before I’m comfortable putting something out there to world. Mental note not to worry so much since I missed being in this space. 🙂

During that time, I did start writing a post recapping my experience with Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix, plus a summer bucket list. I also kept track of my weekly favorites even though I never got them published. So, while I finish up the 21DF and Summer Bucket List posts, I wanted to collect my favorites from May and share them here. It’s a lengthy list, but I think there are a few gems in there to make it worth the read. 😉 In the meantime, you can always find me posting pretty regularly on Instagram (@mhofker) or Snapchat (molhof) if you want to see what I’m up to. Happy Friday!


Netflix to begin exclusive streaming of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar in September. Hooray for this news!

Chewbacca Mom. You’ve probably all seen this, but I love how contagious Candace’s joy is for the simple pleasures of life. There’s so much nastiness in this world – we could use more of her pure, unadulterated happiness.

Another Jen Hatmaker winning blog post about parenting yes’s and no’s. She shared this on her FB page, and even though it’s from last year, it’s parenting advice gold. I especially love the part about placing a premium on relationships and experiences, not “stuff.”

The Bachelorette is back. Time to resume weekly girls (wine) nights. I also found this bracket and plan to make it a little competitive this season!

Magnolia Home Furniture is now being sold at Nebraska Furniture Mart! Yessss…Fixer Upper style is coming to Omaha!

Cheap outdoor dates that are perfect for summer. Love these. Some are obviously more realistic than others.

A message on motherhood from Proverbs 31 Ministries. “…and when life presses a mama too hard, sin lurking in her heart comes out and dumps on the people she loves most.” Ain’t that the truth.

Kristen Bell speaking openly about depression. With May being National Mental Health Month, I admire Kristen for sharing her personal struggle with mental illness in the hope of reaching those who need to hear it.

Friends fans will understand the value in this: ‘Friends’ ugly naked guy has finally been identified.

Our new Nespresso. Our Keurig is on its last legs after years of being well-loved and used. Because I also enjoy drinking espresso, Jordan gifted me this for a Mother’s Day/wedding anniversary gift. I’m loving it so far. As much as I’d like to think I’d grind my own coffee and espresso beans every day that’s just not happening in my current season of life, so I’m treasuring the Nespresso pod technology.


Binge-watching seasons 2 & 3 of The Following on Netflix. I started season 1 shortly after having Nora two years ago and then stopped watching because it’s admittedly a little scary (not exactly ideal for midnight nursing sessions). When I was recently looking for a new show to sink into, I decided to pick it back up over Memorial Day weekend. Beware that your free time will be spent watching this once you start; it’s gripping!

New emojis are coming! Because we all need a bacon emoji in our life.

We tried out the local Piedmont Bistro for our 8th wedding anniversary dinner. It was tasty and something different than the norm for us. Plus it was a perfect night to soak up the gorgeous weather on their outdoor patio on the last day of May.


Piedmont Uncorked: Wine Festival. While at the Bistro, I remembered the Piedmont Shoppes were hosting an inaugural wine tasting event that weekend. Jordan and I went with his brother and sister-in-law, and we had a fantastic time sampling wines from local wineries. Followed by a dinner at MoMo’s! Clearly it was a good food week.

Take a dance break with this awesome choreography to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’.

Have a fabulous weekend, and feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments below!


Molly Hofker

Molly Hofker