Informed & Inspired is a lifestyle podcast that celebrates the significance of being wonderfully complex and unique individuals with lots of roles, hobbies, passions, loves, and responsibilities.

When we stay informed and become inspired about not only our own varied interests, but everything else that comprises the depth and breadth of this life, we can truly live to our fullest potential.

Information + inspiration come to us in many forms, but perhaps the most authentically by learning from others. In guest interviews, Molly taps into the wisdom of people who have the power to shape our lives through their knowledge, expertise, and experience on a variety of subjects – the lighthearted and fun, the serious and deep, and the areas in between.

Each episode aims to provide positivity, practical advice, and valuable wisdom, leaving us more informed and inspired to lead a vibrant and meaningful life.

Show Topics

  • Health & Wellness
  • Finances
  • Home + Organizing
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Beauty, Fashion & Style
  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Faith
  • Food
  • Business
  • Art, Music & Culture
  • Travel
  • Technology

About the Host

Molly is a multi-passionate person embracing the joy in simple pleasures and honoring her desire to learn something new every day. She’s most in her element when she’s discovering other people’s stories, sharing the special perspectives and gifts they offer this world.

In addition to podcasting, Molly assists small business owners with their marketing efforts through Molly Hofker Marketing. She also writes on her site, which stirred the idea in her heart for Informed & Inspired. While her list of passions is many, her greatest joy in life is being a proud wife to Jordan and mom to Nora.

Guest + Topic Submissions

My personal passions and values drive the content of the podcast, but I welcome other guest  and topic suggestions because I love to learn and meet new people. I’m always on the lookout for people who contribute valuable information and genuine inspiration to our lives. If you or someone you know seems like a good fit, please let me know by sending a message!

**Downloadable PDF: Informed & Inspired Podcast**