7 Amazing Random Acts of Kindness in the News

‘Tis the season to spread hope, joy, peace, and love. These stories from around the country of people reaching out to others are inspiring and uplifting. Because no matter how big or small, “no act of kindness is ever wasted.” (Source: Aesop) I hope these incredible acts of generosity bring a little Christmas cheer to you on this fabulous Friday.


  1. Woman with brain cancer has dream wedding thanks to hospital staff
  2. Twitter bought everything this mom made after she sold nothing at a craft fair
  3. Flash mob surprises mom of 4 battling cancer with $13,000 for medical bills
  4. Couple adopts five siblings on National Adoption Day so they wouldn’t be split up
  5. Signing Santa heads to mall so hearing impaired children can tell him what they want
  6. Grandchildren organize photo shoot for grandparents who didn’t get wedding photos the first time
  7. Today‘s Hoda Kotb impersonates a meter maid to deliver heartwarming surprises


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