Fall Favorites (10.29.16)


Seeing that it’s the last Saturday in October (What?! How?!), I thought I’d do a round-up of “Fall Favorites” to share stories I’ve stored in my “save for later” file from the last couple months (settle in – it’s a bit long!). I’m trying a more organized format this time around in case you’re uninterested in certain categories or desire to make a beeline to funny links, food products, etc.

After what seems like a sudden increase in political posts as we near the end of the election season, I’m pretty much at the end of my rope with the mean-spirited, nasty things I’m seeing online. You’ll only fine pure good stuff here (though some of it might make you cry – but only happy tears! 😉 ). Enjoy, and let me know what’s inspiring you or making you laugh today!


The Nightingale. I just finished this while I was traveling recently and felt so moved by it. Coming soon to a book review near you. 😉


Apps/Web Sites

She Works His Way. I took advantage of a special that swHw was running in October and became a member after hearing so many people rave about it on social media. It’s a web site and a devotional app for working women to build Biblical community and receive practical business training.

I’ve already seen so many changes in myself and my business because of these women’s knowledge and godly wisdom. They only open up membership a few times a year, and you can sign up to be notified when they do. (P.S. I don’t get anything for recommending this; it’s just been such a positive influence in my life recently and I want to spread the word!).

Gigmi. This app allows you to organize your boxes, bins, and containers in your storage areas. For someone who has about a hundred totes in her basement storage room, this is a lifesaver. When I was unearthing the fall decor recently, I put it to good use so that I could keep everything straight. It’s a game changer when it comes to those hard-to-reach storage containers that you don’t want to dig through.




Pop Chips Ridges (Asiago & Black Pepper) – Found at Sam’s Club
Just Mayo (Awesome Sauce & Thousand Island) – Found at Target
Dill Pickle Cashews – Found at Target
Lays Potato Chips Flavor All-Stars (Truffle Fries and Smoked Gouda & Chive) – Found at 84th & Holdrege Hy-Vee
Coffeemate Natural Bliss Pumpkin Spice All-Natural Coffee Creamer – Found at 27th & Superior Hy-Vee

Can you tell I’ve been in a snacky mood lately? 🙂


No-Bake Cranberry Chocolate Almond Energy Bites
M&M Crunch Candies
Baked Sweet Potato Soup


How to host a crappy dinner party. Instead of making a big fuss over throwing an elaborate get-together, we all need to do this!



This Is Us. I know most of the world is watching it, but if you’re not, get thee to Hulu or NBC.com ASAP and put “Watch the best show of the new fall season” on your to-do list!



Why mothers stay up late. Word.

I fit the mom stereotype, and I wouldn’t change a thing. My favorite part: “Even if you’re not ‘different,’ you’re still a strong, smart, beautiful woman who is raising capable and kind children.”

Why moms hate the phone. *raises hand* Guilty.

Feel-Good/Do-Gooder Stories

Homecoming king turns crown over to friend and runner-up with cerebral palsy. I mean…couldn’t you just burst at the kindness displayed here?

That time my daughter talked to a stranger. Be prepared for ugly tears. This was my ultimate favorite in this round-up. It’s so touching and really pushes me as a parent to want to teach my daughter compassion for others.


Entertainment/Pop Culture

Luke showed up at “Luke’s Diner” pop-up coffee shop to promote the Gilmore Girls revival. Less than one month ’til the premiere, people!!! And the trailer was just released this week. I’m only a little excited.

A Will & Grace reunion all about the 2016 election. Lots of hilarious moments if you’re a fan of the show!


You can’t, or you won’t? Some powerful and challenging words. The Bible verse quoted in the post (Eph. 3:20) popped up in three completely different places to me one day this week, and I couldn’t ignore it. She so excellently interpreted it and gave a great call-to-action.

Cute & Funny

Mom Daughter period supplies text exchange goes viral. Scroll down to the last image on the page – it’s worth it.

102-year-old woman crosses off “getting arrested” from her bucket list. If I live to be this age, you can bet it’s going on my list.

Willow the Halloween costume queen channels Chip and Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper.” Simply adorable.

Have a great weekend, and a safe and happy Halloween!

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