Weekend Faves (8.6.16)

I have a shorter list of favorites today. Let me know if anything caught your eye this week in the comments section below!

Lincoln moms kicked out of ‘Bad Moms’ for being bad moms. Ironic, right? Hoping to see this movie next week!

This essay in my physical therapist’s office, written by a PT patient. Beautifully said.


Bloodline. Before the Olympics started last night, this had been our evening show for the past week. Looks like it’s going to be a new obsession!

A man jumped from a plan without a parachute. Crazy!

Less than one week until the release of Uninvited! I teased it in my recent book review, but this book has so many quotable perspectives from Lysa that I can’t wait for people to read and apply to their lives.

Uninvited 1wk til launch

Taking the best of summer’s produce…grilling it…

20160803_010659756_iOS and turning it into this

Becoming a member of the “Love Unending” launch team. I was selected among hundreds of applicants to be part of a team to help promote Becky Thompson’s newest book. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I’m a big fan of hers, so I was thrilled and grateful for this opportunity. More updates soon!

If toddlers had Instagram. Pretty much sums up toddlerhood!

Feeling guilty about flossing? Maybe there’s no need. I might be revealing too much about my oral hygiene habits by admitting that I’m happy about this.

This is two. Just the sweetest post ever. Age two is definitely the best yet, in my opinion.

Have a great weekend!

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