Friday Favorites

It’s always fun to shout out some of the things I’ve read, worn, watched, laughed at, and eaten over the past week. Please feel free to join the party and share anything you’re loving in the comments section.

Emoji Easter egg

These emoji face Easter eggs my mom put in Nora’s Easter basket. Too freakin’ cute.

This blog post that Shauna Niequist mentioned on her Facebook page. I’ve read many articles about finding the importance in the ordinary and mundane day-to-day routine, but this one is just brilliant and puts into words what I have a hard time expressing.

Eating in the Middle

The release of Andie Mitchell’s Eating in the Middle earlier this week. I discussed her first book It Was Me All Along in my January/February Book Review, and I can’t wait to dive into her new cookbook that exemplifies her “everything in moderation” food philosophy.

Maybelline Master Contour

This Maybelline contouring kit that Kate from The Small Things Blog mentioned on a Periscope. I hadn’t really explored the art of contouring, but when she demoed this palette I knew I had to pick it up on my next Target run. It’s really great at creating dimension for a fairer-skinned gal like me. There’s probably higher-quality options out there, but for a drugstore brand, this does a great job.

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie binging on Netflix. OBSESSED. It’s too embarrassing to state how many episodes I watched this week… I thought I wouldn’t like it since it was described to me as being a bit on the dark side. But oh my goodness it just sucks you in, plus so many of the characters are purely hilarious and lovable. It’s also truly amazing and frightening to see the behind-the-scene workings of an addict’s mind. Edie Falco is phenomenal.

A great read for the work-at-home/part-time working mom. It seems like articles that address the motherhood challenges surrounding the choice to work or stay at home solely focus on the “full-time” working mom or stay-at-home mom. I appreciate the perspective from someone in the middle who made the difficult but necessary decision (for her) to pursue an outside career.

Ham and Bean Soup

When you volunteer to bring the ham for Easter so you can use the bone and scraps to make Ham and Bean Soup. 😀 I pretty much do this every year the day after Easter. As someone who used to think H&B soup was disgusting as a kid, I’m a total convert. Pro trip: Throw in a little apple cider vinegar for some zip and added flavor. I use this recipe but omit the potatoes, use canned beans to save time, and halve the amounts. Not the most photogenic of soups but it sure tastes like comfort in a bowl.

Nora being big enough to hop on the tricycle that I used to ride when I would visit my grandparents’ house, which my parents now live in. Big time childhood nostalgia and the cliché “how did my baby get so big?” moment. <3

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend and please share some of your favorite moments from the week.

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